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Blacklisting the website is a major issue for the owner because it impacts the SEO of the website. Bad Impact on SEO means low rank in search results or being delisted from Google, Yahoo, or Bing. So your website should never get neglected and avoid being blacklisted. So check the blacklist status with our Blacklist checker and stay alert.

Email service providers may blacklist your website if recipients mark the mail sent by the website as spam. Sending unsolicited emails repeatedly about any service or product without the recipient's interest is called spam. So start working genuine way and stop spamming.

If you wish your website gets better results and improvement then don't forget to do a domain blacklist check over time. You can do IP blacklist check so with our awesome Checker tool. It will inform you whether your site is blacklisted or not on different servers. Now the question is how could you check Domain name is Blacklisted or not?

Don't worry, every problem comes with a solution. Manually checking the blacklist status is very hard to do and time-consuming. Who wants to spend hours of time checking the blacklist? At least I don't. So keeping in mind, we have developed the automated Blacklist Checker tool which will check it in some seconds.

So go for the smart way, stop wasting time and money, no need to hard work, no time wasted, and tasks will be completed in just some seconds. Still, there are many things that you should know about blacklisting the website so keep scrolling and read out the complete article.

What is Blacklist? 

Before knowing about the Blacklist Checker Tool, let me tell you about what is blacklist. A blacklist is an act that people or systems start to boycott or disapprove of a service or product. So that it will not visible or reach the potential customer. 

Sending repeated spamming emails to thousands of users could be a strong reason for getting the website blacklisted. Spamming is a huge problem online, you may have noticed your email inbox is filled with junk emails that are not related to you. So who sent all those emails? Those spam emails are sent automatically through multiple websites.

There are many publicly known servers that send spam to the users but most email providers are helping us by blocking those unwanted emails and keeping them blacklists. Email blacklist check is the strategy that should follow.

So let your site away from Search engines blacklist. If you are not aware of the policy and do the violation it will blacklist your site. If the website is involved in spamming, hacking other websites, linked with untrusted sites, suspicious activity, bad links, and many other violations it will sure be blacklisted.

Website owners & bloggers are always aware of the blacklist. Don't forget to do a website blacklist check at least once a week and make the website active in Search Engines so it will perform well.

What is Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist Lookup is a 100% free SEO tool that checks the website is blacklisted or not. It is also known as Blacklist checker Tool. The website owner should check the site at least once a week with a blacklist checker. 

Getting a website blacklisted is very painful for a website owner. There is a high possibility that the hard work and investment made for the website over the years will go to waste. Once the website is blacklisted, your website may lose trust and reputation forever.

As a result, top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing may even remove your website from the search result pages. Due to this your organic traffic can be completely destroyed. Without traffic and search engine ranking, the website will collapse and you will have no choice but to leave the website.

Working on such a blacklisted website is waste of time and investment, it can never get improvement and get traffic.

Blacklist Checker Tool is the smartest way to find whether the website is blacklisted or not. It will take only some seconds to complete the task and shows the result. Doing this manual is about impossible so we suggest using the tool to check the Blacklist. 

Here we have Smart Blacklist Checker Tool for you, try it once.

Blacklisted by the Search Engines

Blacklisted is like a punishment for the websites on the internet. No website owner wants to blacklist even in a dream. If a website is blacklisted by a search engine that will be the end of that website’s existence on the internet. Blacklisted by search engines means no organic traffic and is not visible in search results.

Search engines don't blacklist any websites without any reason. Blacklisting is a crucial thing so it is done only if needed.

Search engines blacklist the website if a website is involved in spamming, hacking other websites, linked with untrusted sites, suspicious activity, bad links, and many other reasons.

Spamming with the website and misleading the users are always punishable offenses. Linking the site with untrusted websites and involving in suspicious activity is the reason for blacklisting in search engines. Don't forget search engines examine each website for its contents and links. If it finds any suspicious activity or bad links on a website, it will sure punish by blacklisting.

Never imagine you will Hack other websites for your benefit. Search engines have a 0% tolerance policy for it. Once you will be blacklisted from search engines your site will be vanished from the internet and never gonna see it.

How to Avoid Blacklist

The best way of avoiding backlisting the website is to work in a legitimate way. So extra smart work to get the result in shortcut. Always follow the policy and guidelines of search engines, don't be greedy of quality less traffic and send the spamming email to the users.

Once a site is removed from the search engine, it will be extremely difficult to rank again. No tools will guarantee your website will be removed from the blacklist, and gets the traffic like before.

Therefore don't go for shortcuts, try the genuine way. Follow the measures to ensure that your website does not get into trouble. Your website needs backlinks doesn't mean buying the quality less backlinks in bulk. Don't fall for an offer of free links, creating the comment backlinks are also not preferable. Don't go for the link exchange, avoid buying the traffic for the site. Do not engage with suspicious and untrusted sites.

Search engines are brilliant and up to date. They can check the backlinks if it goes a violation of the policy it will penalize your website.

Let your websites grow in a natural way, don't make a hurry to get traffic and rank on the first page. Work hard in a legitimate way, and don’t indulge in any tricks to get a better ranking as you are going to land in trouble eventually.

Reason for Getting Blacklisted

So let's know why the website is getting blacklisted. If you own the website, read it carefully so that it can be useful to prevent your website from getting blacklisted. IP Spam Check is one of the requirements you should fulfill. 

DNSBL is a system that is working to stop spam emails. DNSBL means Domain Name System Based List. It is an anti-spam technique used to track IP addresses that send spam. DNSBL is a database of IP addresses that includes the addresses of known spammers, open relays, proxy servers, and computers compromised by crackers and malicious code. Email service providers eliminate spam mail with DNSBL before it reaches the user, it is the defense system.

If your website sends bulk emails to thousands of people about any product or service, the website may get blacklisted. Emails you send may not be important to recipients. Due to this users have to face harassment. Once they tick your emails as spam and report to the email provider your website gets blacklisted. Keep in mind, that repeated sending emails to the unknown user will sure lead your website blacklisted sooner or later.

You should always follow the policy of search engines. It is the source of organic traffic. No website can grow without ranking in the search engines. If a website is involved in spamming, hacking other websites, linked with untrusted sites, suspicious activity, bad links, and many other activities violations, Google or any other search engine may blacklist and kick out from the search result pages. 

Because of this, you will see a different scenario on your website. The number of visitors to your site will be significantly lower than usual. Your site will not be placed on the first page of search engines so traffic will appear to be blocked. All these consequences may result in your website being blacklisted.

Getting traffic from social sites may be a good idea but it will never be going to replace the organic traffic from search results. Search engines are amazing for huge traffic sources and ranking the web pages for better authority.

Simple Way to Check Blacklist with Lookup Tool

Blacklist checkup is extremely simple with our tool. Check the site and get the result with simple 3 clicks. Just go to and scroll to the ‘Blacklist Lookup’ Tool. Paste your website URL in the search box and press submit button. That's it now our automated system will start working for you.

You don't need to know the IP address of your domain. Our system will automatically detect it and checks whether your website is on the DNSBL list or not.

Follow the instruction still you are not clear.

  • Go to Blacklist Lookup Tool in
  • Copy the URL from the source and Paste in Box
  • Solve the Captcha
  • Click the Submit Button now.

Blacklist Lookup


So the manual work is done, and the remaining task will complete with our system. It will show the result within some seconds whether the domain is blacklisted or not.

Blacklist Lookup tools


Check Blacklisted or not Before Buy Website

If you are going to buy the website from someone be cautious. You should check whether the domain is blacklisted or not by the search engines. Because if you bought the blacklisted website your money goes wasted. There is no other way to recover from the blacklist of Google and other search engines. Which will vanish your site from the result pages. No chances of gaining traffic and improvement in the future. 

It will also affect even if you are going to sell the website. No one will buy your blacklisted website. At last, you should have no other option left, except of dumping the site forever.

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