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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Developing a website is a true art and a combination of code and text. Webpage requires a lot of code & text to make it likely reasonable. The structure of the website uses HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript codes to develop it completely.

Code represents the HTML code that is associated with the web pages, while the text represents the actual written content on a web page. 

HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript are the codes that are used in the backend to make the website. Too much HTML can cause excessive loading time and makes the page slower. This is the side effect of using too many codes.

On the other side, so much text is used to interact with the website to make it understandable to the users. Because of the text displayed on the website information is readable for the users. Therefore we said before the website is the art of a combination of code and text. 

Code to Text Ratio

So if you need precise information about the website, we can divide it into two parts. One is text and another is code. Webmasters are the founder of the website, they use different types of codes to develop the website structure in the backend. 

On the other side, there is a front end of the website where plenty of text is included for the visitors. Website owners add content regularly by adding the text in a managed way.

A fast-loading website is a perfect choice for Search engines and visitors. The best code-to-text ratio is the secret formula for fast-loading websites. If you want to make your website fast and get priority from search engines keep focusing on code to text ratio. There is no hard and fast rule for the exact percentage of code-to-text ratio but keeping it between 15 to 40% is perfect.

What is the Code to Text Ratio Checker?

Code to Text checker is the SEO tool that calculates the exact percentage of code and text ratio in the content or website. This awesome tool is created by the EasySuperTools team.

This tool generates the report with the exact measurement of the code and text separately in Kilobytes. Apart from it, the Code Text ratio displays in percentage.

How to check the Code to Text ratio?

Telling in a simple and straightforward, it is an awesome SEO tool. It is capable to calculate the text to Html ratio precisely.

Using this tool is simple and easy to use. Just open the tool first and paste the URL in the box and click the ‘Submit’ button.  That's it, after this our tools start work and generate the result in some seconds.

code to text ratio

code to text ratio online

The text-to-HTML ratio is not a direct factor for ranking in search engines but it plays an important role. Too much code means the website is complicated and heavy in weight.

Maintaining the less code ratio is quite good for the website for SEO purposes. Less code reduces the weight of the website and makes it light, so it helps to render fast. The search engines love the fast-loading website.

Fast loading websites don't use to get higher bounce rates. Because of the fast loading visitors get engaged more time on site so it is considered best practice by Google and ranks better.

lessening the HTML means the chance of adding more text to content so webmasters can be more creative and add more text content.

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