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How many of your websites are running live? We know millions of websites are running over the internet some are giant like Facebook, Google, or Yahoo and some of them are tiny. All those are hosted and managed on web servers that are located around the world. 

Hundreds of web hosting services are operational. That is dedicated to hosting the websites and making them visible worldwide. Finding the website hosting is possible with the directory. 

The DNS records contain vital information about any website. That is the reason why it is important to webmasters and SEO experts. It includes the records like IP address, DNS records, where the domain is hosted & full structure of IP addresses.

For this, we have the perfect solution for you, that will complete the dns a record check in detail. Now you can check DNS records and IP address of the website with a single click. We have developed the DNS lookup tool which is beneficial for the developer, SEO experts, and website owners to find the DNS records of any website. 

Still, confused and searching for how to start my DNS check? Now no need to worry complete DNS Check Online in seconds. Let me tell you in detail. To know more about it in detail, keep reading the articles fully.

What are DNS Records?

DNS stands for Domain Name System which is the largest digital database for the internet in the world. DNS records contain digital database information about a website. There are letters associated with the DNS records which are known as DNS syntax. 

Some of the commonly used syntax with all DNS records are; A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, PTR, NS, SOA, SRV, TXT, and NAPTR.

With our DNS Record Checker, you will be able to get information about the Name, TTL, Class, Type, and details of each record added to your domain. The tool simply finds and informs you with a report of the SOA, NS, A, TXT, AAAA & MX records.

What is DNS Records Checker?

Getting the information on DNS records is important for SEO and webmasters. Every website that runs live on the internet has an IP address & DNS records. An IP address is known as a digital address. The domain name of a website is stored along with its IP address in the database, which is DNS Records.

You can start doing DNS request with our tool and access the full report very shortly. You can complete lookup a domain with DNS records including MX record check for best SEO practice. With our best DNS checker tool, you can see the following reports.

  • MX record lookup
  • TXT record lookup
  • A record lookup
  • NS record lookup
  • SOA record lookup
  • AAAA record lookup


How to find the DNS Records?

Now finding the DNS records of a domain is possible with EasySuperTools DNS Lookup Tool. You can use the DNS records tool and find records instantly. 

For that first, go to and click on the DNS records checker icon and click on it. Once the new page opens paste the Domain URL in the box and click on Submit button.

Or you can go directly to and check DNS records easily.

dns records checker

Is this tool free?

Yes, our DNS checker tool is 100% free to use. We have developed the best DNS finder. No users need to pay any money for it. Use it as much as you need and at any time as your schedule. Even it is the best option for Cloudflare DNS checker. 

Why to use DNS Checker?

DNS checker is a simple solution for the complex website in a managed way. Using a record checker and checking the DNS records frequently is a good idea for security purposes. Website is always at risk of hackers so adding more security measures is prevent them away. Adding Cloudflare to prevent DDOS attacks is needed but we need to keep all records secure. 

Also if you want to spy on a specific website that is competing with you, it is possible with our tool. It will help to find DNS records and check where it is being hosted along with subdomains and other information associated with it. So you can use our tools and get complete information about the DNS records.

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