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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker is one of the free tools from EasySuperTools, it checks the website whether it is affected by the malware or not. It works completely online to detect malware attacks in collaboration with Search Engine Google.

Safebrowsing is the first priority for users with a hassle-free and fun experience, so Google is really working hard to make the internet safe with free Malware removal. From time to time Google scans the indexes using a virtual machine and detects harmful pages and websites. Google removes the harmful content or website from its server and makes it inaccessible.

Google always try to get rid of the site with malware scanner and de-index them permanently. So, it’s always better to visit safe websites only and keep personal as well as confidential information safe and secure.

What is Malware?

In short, Malware is malicious software, a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs. Malware is created intentionally for the purpose of infecting computers, destroying, and stealing user's data.

It is software that intrudes into a computer system without website permission. If the site is infected, it will help to lose reputation and rank down. 

We suggest being conscious when opening or downloading suspicious sites. When it opens, malware downloads without permission and is installed on a computer that may steal your data.

Risk of Malware

Malware is always a risk for webmasters and visitors so free Malware removal is the priority. Although it is harmful, there is a way you can get rid of it. You may want to know the way to check the malware. first, let me tell you what malware means. It means the website is involved in activities of fishing, stealing the data, scamming people using different ideas, full of malware or viruses, etc. 

Your website is always at risk of attack from hackers so that they can blackmail you. Once the website is hacked your data can be accessed by scammers and hackers.

No website owner can even imagine the website being hacked or malware attacked. Building a successful website is not a joke, it takes years of hard work and thousands of dollars of investment. So you should have a perfect schedule to check whether your website is safe or not from malware, or viruses.

As visitors, keeping their personal information and surfing safe is the first priority, there is no chance of compromising. So the malware-infected sites are always restricted to visit if you want your safety. Once the site is infected it loses its trust and reputation forever.

So what is the solution for the webmaster to get out of this? 

No need to worry, there is a great tool available online with EasySuperTools. Suggested to use a malware scanner. It works online to detect malware on any website free of cost. So that you shouldn't have to deploy any antivirus online scan to detect the malware and save your money.

How do Google Malware Checker works?

EasySuperTools has developed the malicious website checker tool very simple and easy to use. Just go to the tool page, paste your URL in the box and submit it for the result. That's it no need to do anything more. The automated tool works in the backend by collaborating with Google and gives you the result whether it is safe or not. 

Google malware checker

A new window will pop up immediately with the detailed results of your website check. No need to worry when the pop-up opens, it is completely safe. It is actually a call from the Google Malware official site to tell you the status of Safe Browsing.

The best thing for the webmaster or website owner is that the tool helps avoid bearing extra load, Google’s official page performs and completes the malware check.

Our awesome malware checker tool is comparatively better than others because it is free to use and does not need registration. It is wonderful, simple, and fast to operate, the additional advantage is anyone can use it, need to be an expert.

Once you check the website with this tool, it will indicate and shows an alert message if a specific website is malware infected. 

Why is Malware check important?

Every day thousands of websites go under malware attack. This is a threat to the website visitors and may be the reason for Phishing, spamming, hacking the information and data.

So website owners need to check the website malware status scheduled to make it safe. Every day Google discovers thousands of sites with malware that is unsafe for visitors as well as Google itself. Many of which are legitimate websites that have been compromised. 

Google uses Safe Browsing technology to check website for malware for billions of URLs every day. Once unsafe site detected Google shows the warnings on Search and in web browsers for the visitors informing a website is currently dangerous to visit.

Secure Yourself From Malware

As a visitor of a website, you should be always aware when visiting the website, there is no guarantee that everyone's intentions are good. Some websites are just created to steal the visitor's information and login details so they start using phishing. 

Google marks those websites as malicious and harmful categories and removes them from the index. But as a visitor, you also should be careful and follow the strictness. Google Malware checker is the best option to check it better. if You are a windows user keep using the chrome safe browsing for safety.

Secure Your Website from Malware

Creating the website and ranking in the search engine is not the work that you should complete. There is a lot of work you should do as a website owner, one of it is keeping the malware away from the site.

Malware is a serious issue because it is used to destroy or steal data from websites. Website owners to know whether a website is flagged as suspicious or unwanted. So it is crucial to detect malware and avoid it with Malware Checker.

Your site needs to be malware free always for better ranking and better visibility. Although to maintain the trust level you should keep working hard. No visitors will surf your website once they knew the site is infected. 

No one will visit a website that contains viruses & Malware because visitors love to stay safe and secure their personal information.

Google safe browsing For Malware 

Google uses a safe browsing algorithm for Malware and viruses. It is a security parameter for the website that should be maintained to grow and rank. Simply check website for Malware with the awesome tool and it’s all done.

The tool will redirect you to the Google Transparency Report window. Google safe browsing algorithm generates the report and displays the result in front of you.

To avoid viruses and malware anti-virus should be installed and keep it updated. If you have a doubt the website is affected by malware, use the free malicious website checker online Tool to check the website status. 

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