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About Keyword Position Checker

One of the key factors to be listed on the top of the search engine like Google, Yahoo & Bing is keywords. To rank at the top of search result keywords is the thing that depends on. To compete effectively for top positions you must concentrate on keywords and optimize them better. 

Keywords are the words or phrases that are used to search the content in search engines. Website owners always play with the keyword in a better way to rank the content. This is the most important data that is used to know detailed information about the SERPs position of any website that keywords are targeted.

How to find the keyword positions that your website ranks on? Are you confused, about how to track it? No need to worry now, we have developed a tool that tracks your keyword position in search engines like Google & Yahoo.

Try our advanced Keyword Position Checker to find the keyword position of your website and content pages. Our Keyword Position Checker is a free tool that detects the position of a website or URL in some seconds. It is fast and result oriented. 

Use our tool to find the position of your website in search results by the targeted keywords and how many other websites are competing with your website for the same keyword.

Every Content of your website should target a specific keyword always. Let's think we are writing content about money-making ideas. So we want to rank for keywords like how to make money. Here how to make money is the specific keyword that you will compete with other websites for ranking in Google or Yahoo.

So if you want to know the position that your content currently holds the position for the keyword “How to make money” in search engines specially Google & Yahoo, Try our keyword position checker.

Our keyword rank tool shows the result quickly & accurately within some seconds. It is easy to use, reliable and effective.

what is a keyword position?

Keyword position is the ranking that a website holds in the search engines with competing other websites, for a specific targeted keyword.

Ranking in the top position is always a source of high organic traffic. Best is 1st position but ranking within 1st page is considerable for the website to gain traffic. 

This is the most effective SEO strategy to reach wide visitors around the globe. 

Keyword Positions may fluctuate from time to time based on the quality of the content or changes in the algorithm. Ranking on the first page today doesn't mean that it will rank on the first page always. So we have developed a tool so that you can keep track of your specific keyword position at any time.

It helps to find the keyword position in search pages that if you are not satisfied with it or need to rank higher then work for it.

After knowing all about the keyword Position checker, now you may be thinking it is complicated to use.  Don't worry we have made it simple. No need to be an SEO expert or tech gig, anyone can operate this tool easily.

Follow the instruction below to use this tool

  • Go to Keyword Position checker
  • Enter the domain name in the box
  • Enter the Keywords you want to check for
  • Multiple keywords are supported in a separate line
  • Select Check Positions rank from 1 - 500th
  • Solve the captcha if needed
  • Press the Check Keyword Position Button

Keyword position checker


After this Checker tool will inform you of the position of the current keywords in google search results. Now you will have a better idea of the competition and how should you work for targeting the keyword and rank at the top.

How does this tool work?

Well, this tool is automated and works with its own algorithm. When you search for the keyword position, it scans with its own algorithm and gives you the result. Tools can scan the keyword and find up to the 500th position in search results.

If you go to the search engine and search for keywords positions manually, it is a big headache and time-consuming. The same task will be completed with this tool in some seconds. The additional advantage is you can search for multiple keywords at the same time no need to do an extra effort.

Keyword position is based on the numerical value. Position will rank between 1 to  100. If tools show “1” in the result it's the top ranking position in Google and "100" means you are ranked on the tenth page of the search results. so need to work very much.