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About Link Price Calculator

Welcome to the Link Price Calculator, another best SEO tool for website owners & webmasters. It is also known as a Link Worth Calculator, Seo Price Calculator or Website Price Checker. Website Price Checker is one of the best developed by the EasySuperTools with advanced technology.

If you run the website then you must have the knowledge of how important is Website Value Check. Website is your property that you are dedicated to, worked for it, and invested your money in. It means your website is popular and its value should be increased with time. So how will you check website price?

Checking your own website or any specific URL price is far easy now. No need to do it manually and take a headache anymore, leave it to our machine. Our automatic tool will complete it in a second without any effort. Just paste your URL and click the submit button. That's it you have to do, the rest of the work will be completed by our tool and informs your website value.

No matter even if you want to know the price of any website that you don't own. Even you can check the competitor's website value check. It can be done in seconds with our SEO price calculator. If you aren't familiar with this information and heard it for the first time, let us tell you in detail about the link price calculator that calculates your website value by the link and informs you of the price.

What is Link Price Calculator?

Link Price Calculator is our awesome tool for the website owner, webmaster, and for those who want to know the price of the website before buying or selling. This tool calculates the website price through URL with the AI system and informs the exact price.

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You can realize your website price in seconds with a single click. If you want to know the approximate price of the website, use this tool. The process is simple, just enter the link URL in the box and find the price.

Is this tool free to use?

Link Price Calculator is our free online SEO tool, that is absolutely free. No need to pay any money to use this tool. Now you can check website price for free. You don't have to worry about the payment, we believe in free service. so we have no plan to make this tool a paid service.

Why is this tool important?

Already mentioned that the tool calculates the price of the website through the URL. So we all know higher prices are quoted for popular websites and lower prices for low-quality websites.

Who doesn't want to connect with popular websites, this tool can measure the popularity and identify the popular websites through links. Just enter the URL in our Link price calculator and find it in seconds. 

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Let's suppose A want to buy a website and B want to sell it. So how to confirm the price of the website that is acceptable for both? 

Here you can do a site price check so that the genuine price can be revealed. our calculator plays a decisive role in this. It helps to make a decision for confirming the value with the website price. Just enter the link of the website and calculate it. It quotes the price of the website based on multiple metrics and popularity.

The automatic system searches for the data over the web, analyze it and use multiple metrics to find out the price of the website. Then quotes the price of the website, popularity is also a metric that is used by the tool.

So it also helps to attract the advertiser and generate revenue. If the website is quoted at a higher price that means the site is popular and better for marketing so the advertiser will be attracted and ready to pay for the higher ad revenue. 

If the Link Price is lower then it's not popular, simple. So don't take a headache to find the website link price, our tool is here. Start using our tool from today.

How to calculate the Link Price

We have it simple so anyone can use it. You can check the price of 100 URLs at the same time using the bulk price calculator. Each URL must be on a separate line. Follow the instruction below to use this tool properly.

  • Go to the Link Price Calculator Page
  • Enter the URL in the box.
  • Solve the captcha if needed.
  • Press the Submit button

website price check - link price calculator


Now you will get an estimated valuation of your website as result. Our AI tool works smartly way and presents the price in front of you. 

You can use this tool for not only your website but use it for any website. Submit a website link, calculate the price and complete the site price check. No need to register & no need to pay to use this tool, this tool is absolutely free. 

Advantages of the Tool

Link Calculator is a premium tool for free. You will be amazed by the features and it is available for free to everyone. Because of this tool now possible to find out the valuation of the live website in seconds without submitting any data. 

Especially it is far better for webmasters and website owners, so they can take advantage of this tool. Comparing the websites is possible without any data. Try it now and take a look at the value of your website or blog.

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