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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority checker is a perfect SEO tool that helps users to analyze the Authority score of any web Page. We have developed the DA PA Checker tool to check DA PA score at the same time. Which is developed for webmasters and website owners.

Page Authority is developed and maintained by the big SEO agency MOZ. MOZ is an SEO giant company. PA Score is determined on multiple factors of the web pages. 

As Domain Authority represents the Domain score, same as Page Authority represents the authority scores of webpages. MOZ Page Authority score gives an approximate idea of how popular is the webpage. It determines how much you have worked for the SEO for the search engines. 

What is Page Authority?

The Page Authority is a metric of Moz to calculate the webpage popularity on SEO & other multiple factors. It is scaled from 0 -100 points. 0 means a bad score and 100 means extraordinary.

PA Score predicts how good or bad is your web page individually and it affects the ranking on Search engines. A webpage with PA scores of 80 will better rank than PA 10. 

Page Authority Calculated depends on multiple factors, some of them are the total number of backlinks connected to the pages & Quality of the content. If a page authority score is low, it may not have high-quality backlinks.

What is Page Authority Checker?

Page authority checker is a free tool developed by the EasySuperTools, that checks the Page Authority Score online. Page score is determined by the MOZ based on multiple factors.

Higher Page Authority may be the reason for webpage popularity and high rank on Google and other search engines. For that do proper SEO & and make backlinks with higher DA websites.

Building quality links, avoiding spammy links, and Improving user experience on the web pages is the factor that helps to higher the PA score. Increasing Domain Authority automatically increases PA score.

How to check Page Authority?

As always it is very easy to check the page authority with our DA PA Checker Tool. Page authority is a useful indicator to track the position of a webpage's popularity and SEO status. 

Page Authority shows the efforts or progress of a website on off-page SEO, SEO strategy, social signals, and ranking potential on SERPs.

To check the Moz page authority score just log in to the EasySuperTool website and open the Page Authority tool. Then enter the URL in the box. Press Submit button and wait for a second. Now you can see the Page Authority Score of the specific webpage.

page authority checker

online page authority checker

If you wish you can download the report in an Excel file or search PA Score for a new URL  again.

What is a Good Page Authority score?

Actually, there is no good or bad Page Authority score, but a higher authority score is better than a less score. Obviously, PA score of 100 is better than PA of 10.

A webpage with PA score closer to 0 is not that good according to SEO but with PA score closer to 100 is Ideal.

Now check the Page score in the list below.

0-10    Worst
10-30    Bad
30-40    Acceptable
40-50    Average
50-60    Good
60-90    Excellent
90-100    Ideal

How to improve Page Authority?

Improving the Page Authority is quite technical, it is easy to do if you are serious about the SEO otherwise achieving it is hard enough.

Good domain authority and page authority scores determine a better search engine ranking. A higher score means the chance of top ranking in the results. So trying to increase the DA PA score is always beneficial for websites.

To improve your page authority score start building quality links, avoiding spammy links not, writing quality content frequently, making your pages fast loading, don't be irregular, Improving the user experience on web pages. Don't forget to enhance your social media presence, work for On-page/Off-page SEO and always avoid doing keyword stuffing. 

Improve the Page Authority Score

  • Write High-Quality Content
  • Fast loading Web Pages
  • Work on On-Page/Off-Page SEO
  • Don't do Keyword Stuffing
  • Create content regularly
  • Add Outbound Links in content
  • Use Inbound Links to avoid bounce rate
  • enhance your social media presence
  • Create quality backlinks in higher DA websites

Avoid the Moz Spam Score

Moz uses 17 different metrics to measure the spam score of a website. You should always be aware that this may increase the spam score. Higher Spam scores may be the reason for lowering the search engine ranking and low organic traffic. 

1-30%  indicates a low spam score, but 31-60% means medium risk needs to be alert. and 61-100% is the highest spam score so you should be serious about it and remove it from the site. 

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