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About Page Size Checker

Page size checker is the best tool for webmasters that checks the page size of the website within seconds. This magical tool is developed by EasySuperTools and it is available for free. 

Page checker is not limited to the page only it can check the whole website. But the million-dollar question is why is Page Size Checking important? What happens if the page size is not checked? Why is avoiding the page size checker will prove costly?

All the queries above are legitimate and must be taken care of. So get detailed information on why checking website size is mandatory. To know more about Page Size Checker read the full article.

What is the Page Size Checker Tool?

Page size checker is a Tool that helps to check the Website Page Size within Seconds. It is very easy to use and 100% free of cost. The page size checker informs the HTML webpage size in KB or MB. 

Small-sized page is better in performance and fast loading and good for the user experience. But bigger page size is always a drawback for the website, it should be corrected by reducing it. 

But how may you know whether it is small in size or big? What is the best tool that u can use for free? If you are confused about these queries, then know more about the Easy SEO Page size checker below. 

Why is Page Size Checker Important?

Easy SEO Tools are helpful to analyze the loading speed of websites. Analyzing the page load is the most crucial for the website, do you know why? If don't let me tell you. 

No website visitors want to wait for a long, so website pages should be fast and quick loading. Pages should be loaded within 1-2 seconds other wise visitors will leave the page. 

Do you know what happens if visitors exit the website page immediately after entry, it will increase the bounce rate? which ultimately helps your site to go down in the ranking in search engines.     

How to use Page Size checker Tool?

If you are a website owner and tired of searching the website page size checker, then you are at the right place. We have invented a magical SEO tool that helps you to find analyzing the page size. 

We have made it easy and simple to understand. So try our awesome file size checker tool to analyze it.

If you still don't how to use it, follow the instructions step by step.

  1. Simply log on to the Webpage Size Checker Tool.
  2. Copy the URL and Paste it into the search box.
  3. Click on the Submit button for the result.
  4. The result page appears next.

webpage size checker

  • Website Page Size Checker displays the result instantly. There you can see the result with page size in KB & bytes. Here you can see the table with Page size in detail. If you still want to check more pages click TRY NEW URL button.

page size checker

Check the Size of the webpage regularly 

If your website takes to load longer than usual then it is an alarming signal and risk for you. That may be the cause of a bigger page size perhaps you need to work on reducing the size. If you don't want to increase the bounce rate of the website then make it smaller.

Internet users don’t have the patience to wait long for the webpage to open. An average or small-sized webpage is the best idea to perform the page faster. If your page size is less than 60-70 kb ( Kilobytes) that is good, either less than 45-50 kb is very good. It will load the page very quickly.

The main reason for page loading delay is embedding the videos, audios, flash files, graphics, placing multiple images in high resolution, and unnecessary Html codes. So keep your website health and performance updated. 

Use the online page size checker, so that you can effortlessly analyze the page size and then can arrange it according to your requirement. Remove unnecessary images, videos, and graphics. Also, don't forget to compress the HTML & CSS files for fast response.

If you are still getting a problem with bigger-sized CSS & Html no need to worry, we have developed the file size checker CSS Minifier, HTML Minifier, and JS Minifier for free tools. It will compress the files into small ones so that it loads fast.

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