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About Page Speed Checker

If you are looking for a free website speed test, here is the best one from Easy SuperTools. You will be amazed by the result of our website speed checker. We have developed the Page Speed check tool for the developers and website owners.

It starts with a website performance test with the latest AI system so that you will see the result in detail with loading time, CSS Links, Script Links, Image Links, and Other Resource Links.

Loading speed matters for the SEO of the website so bloggers or webmasters always keep eye on it. If you are tired of slow speed and thinking about how to test my site then read this article in full, it will be fruitful for you.

What is a Page Speed Checker?

Page Speed Checker is a popular SEO tool that is used to check the loading time and performance of the Web Page Speed. The tool is developed by EasySuperTools so that you can find it free to use.

Site Speed checker is almost similar to the Website Speed checker. It is the best way to check the speed for analyzing the website performance test in short. You can use it as a website performance monitoring tool.

Never compromise on the speed of the website. Speed is the main indicator to rank at the top or not. Loading fast is the first priority for the best user experience so we recommend using our best page load time checker tool for your website.

Why should you Checker Site Speed?

For better ranking and user performance, your website should load fast enough. Now no one wants to visit the website with slow performance and take a headache of waiting long. If you are also in the race then make your site pages fast loading.

There are many other factors work for SEO but site speed is the main one. Google always gives priority to the fast-loading site at the top of the result pages. Keep in mind fast load sites are better for user experience too. So don't buy cheap hosting go for the better one because it is also a reason.

Every website owner trying to get the 1st position on Google. But reaching there is the tuff competition, you should fulfill the requirements to rank in 1st. You must follow the search engine guidelines along with making the website speed faster.

Benefits of Webpage Speed Checker?

Fast websites has always a chance of ranking at the top of the search result. The user gets the best experience during the visit of the website so higher chance of repeated visitors and spending a long time on the website. Which will help to determine Google's rank at the top.

Before website speed optimization checking the current resource status of the webpage is better. You can use our tool and find out the available resources on the website. It will inform you every single detail about the website so that you get an idea of where to improve.

Always keep eye on some factors which shouldn't avoid, and try to minimize it 

  • Taken time to load the page
  • CSS files on the page
  • Script links loading on-page
  • Images loading in HTML
  • Other Resource Links    

How To do a Webpage speed test?

As always doing a webpage speed test with our tool is quite easy. Because it is simple and easy to handle so you can complete the online website speed test in seconds. 

Our awesome Website Speed Checker Tool is 100% free for use and gives you the page speed test result accurately. Just paste the URL and get the result instantly. It supports a single page at a time.

If you are still confused about how to use this tool, check the instruction below step by step.

page speed checker

The next page appears in the windows with detailed information regarding the Page information and speed status.

If you feel something is not well in the report and needs to improve then see it in detail and analyze it. If you need to take help from a suggestion or a consultant don't hesitate to go for it. Spend some bucks if needed Because ranking in first is not that easy otherwise everyone would be there.

How to test Web Page Load Time?

Easy SuperTools has the best Web Page load time checker. It is an online tool that is completely free to use and easy to understand even if you are not an expert.

Check your page load time easily, follow the steps below

  • Insert your page URL in the Enter a URL box
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • That's it. Check the result page for load time.

Make Web Pages Load Faster

To make your site loading faster some of the things you should always take care of are. Always try to optimize the page for SEO. Never avoid the major reasons that longer the load time, those are listed below. 

For better load time keep eye on this & work on it.

  • Enable compression
  • Reduce the file size
  • Compress image size
  • Enable GZIP Compression
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Reduce redirects
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript

Alternate Sites for Page Speed Test

Pingdom is also an SEO tool that checks page speed. It is also quite good for doing a website speed test. It also gives you the information in detail like Our page speed checker by analyzing the URL. Pingdom is also a free website speed test tool that is similar to EasySuperTools.

The other alternative is the Google page speed test. Google site speed checker is the best tool that you can do a site speed test in seconds. The tool is operated by Google. You can go to the page and submit your URL to check the loading time and other detailed information. 

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