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About Privacy Policy Generator

If you own a website or app then you must have knowledge of how important is Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy is essential for all websites because it informs users about the collecting, handling, and using of their personal information. For your convenience let me tell you about the free privacy policy generator in this article.

Privacy Policy is also known as a privacy statement, GDPR Privacy Policy, or privacy notice. Every reputed website or app used to have a privacy policy page on the site. If you want to work professional way with your website you must include Privacy Statement on the website.
Privacy Policies are legally required by global privacy laws if you collect or use personal information. There are many countries that require a conspicuous Privacy Policy before you collect users' personal information. Besides offering transparency to users it is also a matter of legal compliance.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is an officially required legal agreement between you and the users of your website or app. A privacy statement discloses your privacy practices and how you handle your users' personal data.

The main purpose of a Privacy Policy is to inform users about how the website collects, handles, and uses their personal information. It also discloses the use of cookies and other tracking technologies that may affect user privacy.

If you want to know about the Privacy Policy example, let me tell you simply. Privacy & Terms will describe the types of personal data you collect, how you collect it, and how you keep it safe. Also, what do you use it for?

What is Privacy Policy Generator?

Privacy Policy generator is a unique SEO tool that creates privacy notice for website users. The privacy Generator tool creates the legal agreement between users and website. The privacy policy is also used as a cookie policy generator with the creation of a data protection policy.

EasySuperTools has developed the Privacy Policy generator for SEO experts, webmasters, and Website owners.

Why do I need a Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is one of the essential things for websites. Because if your website is used worldwide you must have a privacy statement. Most countries have a law regarding the privacy policy if you handle personal data from their residents. 

Countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia & EU have strict laws about it. The websites or apps operated in those countries should have a Privacy Policy.

There are two main reasons why your privacy policy is required to include on your website.

If your site collects or uses the personal information of users, you'll have to comply with privacy laws to protect consumer privacy. 

People expect to see a Privacy Policy of your site so that they want to be confirmed the site is trustworthy. Not having a privacy notice on your site means it is not trustable and reputable.

Is the Privacy Policy Generator free?

Yes, it is completely free. No need to pay money for it. We suggest if you are running the website and need a free privacy policy generator for it then use it without any doubt.

How to generate the Privacy Policy for Website?

Privacy Policies need to be written in an honest way with covering all the required information. It should be easy to understand by your average consumer. 

Creating the Privacy policy for the website is far easy. But keep in mind you should have to provide some information regarding the website to generate the correct privacy policy.

You should have correctly entered the information about the advertising medium, cookies information with company name, Website name and website URL in our tool.

Follow the steps below to create the Privacy Policy for website.

  • First, go to the Privacy Policy Page by clicking here
  • Enter the all required information like
    • Enter your company name
    • Enter your website name
    • Enter your website URL
  • Press the continue button now, for the next page
  • Now enter additional information like
    • Google AdSense advertising
    • Third parties advertising
    • Do you use cookies or not
  • Then press the "Generate" button

privacy policy generator

privacy statement

  • That's it, the next page appears with privacy policy terms, and now it is ready to download or copy for the website. Copy it by clicking the "Copy to Clipboard" or Download it as an HTML file.

privacy policy maker

How to download the Privacy Policy?

Once the tool generates the privacy terms, you can easily download them. Our Privacy Policy Generator allows you to download the Privacy Policy document as an HTML file or copy it as Plain Text.

To download the privacy policy, click the "Download as HTML" button. Or click the "Copy to Clipboard" button and Copy it as plain text.

Where should I place my Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is the notice to the users which should be easily & freely accessible at all times. It should be accepted by the user of your website. Now the question is what is the best place on your website for Privacy notice?

Let me tell you here, Privacy Notice is a sensitive page for website visitors about collecting & their data usage information. So it should be in the right place not hidden anywhere. The general rule for it is placing the footer or header area. So to place the link of Privacy Policy in both header and footer is the best idea. So that average users can also access it easily.

Or you can add plugins for the Privacy Policy so that users can see it in pop-up notifications during the website visit and accept the policy.

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