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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Welcome to the best online SEO tools website including web management, online calculators, text tools, etc. Here you will know about the Robots.txt tool. Here we will talk all about the Robots.txt generator.

All webmasters know why robots file is important for every website. If you are a fresher or newly website owner so let me tell you everything about how to create a robots.txt file and why it is important for the website.

If you are serious about your website don't forget to create the best Googlebot robots txt file to improve its visibility.

What is Robots.txt Generator?

Robots.txt Generator is a free SEO tool from EasySuperTools that is for webmasters and website owners. It is a must for the website which is created for the bots. Robots.txt is a file created to give instructions to search engine bots.

It contains the instruction to allow or disallow the search engine bots during crawling. Every website should have a robot text file to be Googlebot-friendly. When a search engine bot comes to crawl your website, it first visits the robot's txt file to analyze the instruction.

You can use our tool and generate the best robots.txt file. Every day Google and other bots visit websites to collect new pages and updates. Once you generate it, don't forget to upload the robot text to the root domain of the website.

For the best result, our suggestion is to allow visiting all the search engine bots like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc so that your website indexes fast.

How to generate a Robots.txt file?

Now generating the robots file is so simple. Our tool can generate it in a second. First, go to the robots.txt generator and enter all the required data and create by submit button. It generates a robot.txt file for you.

Don't forget to add an XML sitemap URL to the robots file. If you don't have a one-click XML Sitemap Generator to generate an XML sitemap for your website. Include it in your robot.txt file.

If you are not clear about it follow the instruction below.

  • Go to
  • Click on Robots.txt generator
  • Now, select the permission from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the crawl delay time
  • Enter the sitemap URL in the box
  • Select the robots name and allow it.
  • Now click the create robots.txt and save it.
  • That's it, now you can download or copy the robots.txt & upload it to your root directory.

robots.txt generator

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