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About Server Status Checker

Welcome to our Server Status Checker, which is one of our awesome tools for our valued visitors. It is mostly used by the webmaster, SEO experts, and website owners to check whether the is Server Down or not. 

Maintaining the Server Status is a crucial matter for online presence, there is no compromise accepted. If you run the website then you must know about the importance of uptime, which should be 99.99%. Going offline means lose of trust and ranking in search engines. 

So don't compromise, keep checking the server status always. It helps to avoid the mistake of downtime of the website. Many of us may don't know, what is server and server status. Let me elaborate on it in a simple and straightforward in this article.

What is Server Status?

Server Status represents the actual status of the server in real-time. Status is checked through HTTP or HTTPS response from your website in real-time, whether it is  OK or not. The server should be always perfect with an uptime of 99.99% otherwise, it might be down or not working correctly.

As a website owner, your first priority is to check if server is down or not regularly. So this is not a matter you can forget and let go of. Keep your eye on the uptime of the server. 

What is Server Status Checker?

Server Status Checker is one of the advanced tools in our collection, which helps you to check the Server status in real-time, whether it is working perfectly fine or not. It is easy and free to use. 

No need to be a genius to use this tool and gain the result. We guarantee you try our tool and get the result in seconds with 100% accuracy. You are just 2 steps away from your server status check. Just enter the URL and press the submit 'Server Checker' button.

Once the process is complete, the result page appears in next with HTTP Code, Response Time & Status.

HTTP code informs you about the status of the server whether it is good or not. Response Time tells you the time duration of responding from the server. Status informs you whether the website is online or offline in real-time.

How to Check the Server Status online?

Server status check is one of the very easy tasks you can complete with our Tool. EasySuperTools has developed the simple but accurate Server Status Checker for webmasters.

Our tool facilitates you and enhances the capability of checking multiple URLs at a time so you can save time and effort while working. It can examine up to 100 URLs at a time but URLs should be entered into separate lines. 

It generates the status report in the form of a table to understand easily, which makes a clear picture of the current status. 

Now let's know how to check if server is down or not with our server online checker. It also gives the result of response time so it is the best alternative to server response time checker. So don't hesitate, use it freely because no need for a single penny for it.

To do a website server check and know the status better, follow the instruction below.

  • Simply go to the Server Status Checker Tool
  • Copy your URL from the Source or browser
  • Paste it to the search box on the tool page
  • Solve the Captcha and verify yourself
  • Now click the submit button for the result.

server status checker

  • After this, a new page with the result appears in the same windows, you can see the result with Http Code, Response time and real time Status with your URL. Check the example below.  

check if server is down

Importance of Server Status Checker

You must have to know how to check server status if you want to be updated if the website is working or not. Tool indicates Online if everything is well and reports offline it is not working. So that you can take immediate action for the web server and make it online.

To avoid server downtime we suggest the webmasters use our server online checker tool to check if server is down. Even use it as a server response time checker for a better result for ranking. We also have a best-recommended tool to check a website IP address anyway If you needed.

In the report, you can see the HTTP status code to know whether it is online or offline. 

If “200” is displayed, it indicates the website is perfect and running online. But if “500” is showing in the report you must be alert, It indicates that the server has a problem and has gone offline.

It is very important to keep the server active always. Server gone offline means no visitors can access the site. It means no traffic on the website and It increases the bounce rate, which impacts badly on the website's ranking on Google. Also, it helps to lose trust in the website.

How fast is your server responding and completing the page load in seconds? Fast page load time is better for ranking factors so always focus on it. Use server response time checker to make the work easy which will make the user experience good.

Server Status Codes

There are many server status codes you should know if you are a webmaster or website owner. The codes indicate the different meanings individually. If your site is gone offline or the temporary down codes will be different, it depends on the reason. So check the All Server Status Codes below and see their meanings in detail.

  • 200: It indicates the status of the server is Good and the server is working properly.
  • 301: It means that the address of a website is permanently moved to another address.
  • 302: It shows that the server has found a temporary site redirection.
  • 400: It indicates a bad request.
  • 401: It denotes unauthorized access.
  • 403: It means this particular page is forbidden for you or you have no access to this page.
  • 404: Page Not Found Error, this specific page does not exist.
  • 410: Similar to 404.
  • 500: It indicates Internal Server Error. It means the server is down.