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About Terms & Conditions Generator

If you run a website then you must have to know how important is Terms & Conditions page. Actually, there is no compulsory rule that it must be included in your website but adding it helps you a lot. To maintain the website's reputation and rank in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines you should include the Terms and Conditions page. So that let me tell you the best terms of use generator in this article.

Although you don't need to add a T&C page legally, but we strongly suggest you should have included it on your website. It is mandatory if you apply for monetization on Google or apply for affiliate networks. Without this page, there is no chance of approval from Google Adsense, Affiliate networks, or any other program. If you have a Terms & Conditions agreement your website looks quite professional & increases the trust & reputation of the website or apps. Likewise, it informs the user of complete guidelines about not to misuse your website and to follow certain rules correctly.

However, if you don't have one on your website, create it with our awesome TOS generator tool. Don't let your website or app lack a T&C page. Make users aware of rules & guidelines, copyright, and other issues with Terms & Conditions agreements. 

It is best suggested to use a 100% free terms of service generator from EasySuperTools & generate the Terms of service.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Terms and Conditions are a written agreement of your website that are set outlines and rules for the people who visit your website or app. It is also known as Terms of Service, terms of agreement or Terms of Use agreements.
T&C agreement is created to Protect your business and keep your users informed about the rule at the same time. T&C includes such as acceptable behavior by users, restricted uses of your service, and copyright information. Users must agree to your Terms and Conditions to visit your website.

What is a Terms & Conditions generator?

Now you can create terms and conditions instantly. Free Terms & Conditions generator is an online SEO tool from EasySuperTools. It is free to use and helpful for your website to set up the Terms of Service page.

It generates the Terms & Conditions document in a few seconds for your website outlines and visitors to know about the guidelines. As we all know, all website needs to add the terms of Use Page so we developed it for webmasters, SEO experts, and website owners.

Our T&C generator is easy to use and anyone can easily operate it. You should have not any requirement like an SEO expert or tech gig to use this tool properly.

Is Terms & Conditions Generator free?

Yes, our Terms and Conditions Generator is absolutely free. As our policy, we are providing most of the tools for free. So no need to worry you are free to use it anytime without paying a single buck. 

How to download the Terms & Conditions document?

Once you put the data of your website in our tool, it generates the T&C agreement instantly. Our Terms & Conditions Generator allows you to download the T&C agreement document as HTML or Plain Text.

You can download it easily by clicking the "Download as HTML" button or copying it and paste on your website.

Information you should add in Terms & Conditions

Before creating the Terms of Use agreement you should know some of the information that must be added. It is mandatory for the best T&C which informs visitors of the proper guidelines. It can address any matter that affects the use of your website or mobile app some of them are following below.

  • Payment terms for subscribing to the services or products 
  • Information of unacceptable activity that may lead to termination of accounts
  • Community guidelines of the website or app
  • Copyright and trademark protection guidelines of any content uploaded on the site.

Why are terms of agreement important?

Terms of agreement are the page you must include on your website, it is important. Even though there is no specific rule for it but adding it will help you on ranking on search engines. But It is mandatory if you are going to apply for monetization on Google Adsense or apply for affiliate networks. Without this page, there is no chance of getting approval from Google Adsense, Affiliate networks, or any other monetization program. Terms of service add trust and reputation to your website so that it will beneficial in long run.

Terms and Conditions agreements couldn't be the same for all websites, they vary on the nature of the website or app. For example, a dating app will contain different guidelines than a blogging website. Because every website or app has a unique aspect and purpose of use creating it with its own rules and guidelines is strictly required.

There are 5 main reasons why Terms and Conditions are required for the website. The following are the necessary

  • Prevent abuses
  • Protect content
  • Reserve right to terminate
  • Limit liability
  • Notice of governing law

How to generate the Terms & Conditions?

When it comes to how to create the Terms and conditions agreement, Copying from another website or borrowing it and replacing the website data is not the best solution. Using the best and free T&C generator tool from EasySuperTools is best suggested.

We have developed the free terms and conditions generator. It generates the Terms of Use completely free and easy to use. 

Follow the steps below to generate the T&C agreement

  • First, go to the EasySuperTools.com
  • Click on the Terms & Conditions generator icon
  • Once the T&C page opens
  • Enter the following details in the boxes
    • Your Company Name
    • Your Website Name
    • Your Website URL
  • Now hit the Submit to generate the T&C.

terms and conditions generator

After that, the next page appears with the Terms and conditions agreement. Now you can download it by clicking "Download as HTML" or copy the whole Terms of service agreement by the "Copy to Clipboard" button. Else you can click "Try New URL" to generate a new agreement again.

terms of service generator

Where to place the T&C agreement?

The terms and Conditions page should be visible to the users, so it must be easily accessible at any time. Because T&C is an agreement for the website visitors that has complete guidelines for people on how they should interact with your website or app. 

We strongly suggest adding a link to your Terms and Conditions page in the headers or footer. Placing the T&C page in both header and footer is the best idea. It is an easily accessible area where users can get any time from every page of your website.

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