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About XML Sitemap Generator

Welcome to the XML Sitemap Generator Tool powered by the EasySuperTools. If you are an owner of a website, web developer, or SEO expert, then you must know the importance of the XML Sitemap.  So we have developed the free Sitemap Generator Tool for everyone. 

We all know sitemap is the most important factor for the website to index in search engines fast. So our tool is the best way to improve better visibility of your website in search engines.

What is XML Sitemap Generator?

XML Sitemap Generator is an awesome tool developed by the EasySuperTool Team. We are empowering the website owner & SEO expert with the Sitemap tool. We advise you to create a Sitemap, submit and index faster.

Our tool is powered with advanced technology so It will generate all the links in XML format automatically with a single click. The tool creates XML files & stores them on your server location. A sitemap informs the search engines to crawl and makes it easy to find the website.

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is formatted XML files that include all the URLs of the website for indexing in search engines. Use our XML Sitemap Generator tool and create XML Sitemap in seconds.

By creating the Sitemap, all links will be managed to XML format & speedup webpages to index in the search engines. Googlebot follows the XML sitemap to crawl the website so the URL included in the sitemap may index fast.

Why to Use XML Sitemap?

XML sitemap is the file that includes all the web page's URLs in a managed way. We can see all the URLs on Sitemap. Which makes the Google bot easy to work with and informs you about your new pages. 

So You should submit XML sitemaps to all the search engines that you want to rank in. Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yep, etc. XML Sitemap helps to navigate bots to crawl your website and collect the information.

How to use the Sitemap Tool

Using the sitemap tool is not a hard task. There is no rocket science behind it. So you can use it the easy way. Use our tool and get instant results with this tool. 

If you are still confused about how to use it, follow the instruction below.

  • First, log in to the XML Sitemap Tool Page
  • Enter a domain name in the box
  • Choose the Modified date from the drop-down 
  • Choose Change frequency & Priority
  • Select the Page count to crawl
  • Solve the captcha 
  • Now press the Generate Sitemap button.

Within some seconds our awesome tool will generate the XML Sitemap for you. Download it and upload it to the root folder where you hosted the domain. Next, you need to do is submit a sitemap to google.

For that, go to the Google search console and submit the sitemap URL in the Sitemap section. That's it your work is done. 

Google sitemap generator could be a list of webpages links associated with the XML file format. Sitemap collects data of all the URLs listed with a number of pages, the last updated information.

There are many online sitemap generator tools available over the web like Yoast Sitemap, XML SITEMAP GENERATOR, Rank Math, All in one SEO, etc. But we suggest using our sitemap tools which are easy to use and result-oriented.

What is Change Frequency in Sitemap?

During the XML sitemap creation, you should select the value change frequency. This indicates that your content changing or updating in a specific time frame. 

You can select from hourly to yearly value or none. Keep in mind to select the proper value of change frequency according to your website content.

What is "Priority" on Sitemap?

The website includes different pages, which may have different priorities. So this value will indicate the page's priority with a number in Sitemap. Specific pages could vary in priority from other pages.

Priority value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. Here 0.0 indicates the lowest and 1.0 is the highest value. Selecting these values will confirm the priority of your pages in the sitemap.

So if you own a website and struggling to index a website in the search engines then don't think too much. First create a sitemap with our tools, download it and submit it to Google and other search engines. So that you can speed up indexing and gain organic traffic.

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