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Word counter is a free and instant text counter that shows the number of words and characters in your content. Word counter is developed to find and calculate the characters, words and sentences with 100% accurate results. Whether you are a professional writer, an online entrepreneur, blogger, author, news writer, student, SEO or a social media user, it is the best tool for counting your text online instantly. You must try it, it is EXTREMELY easy to use. 

Writing the Social media post to lengthy official documents or web content, you’ve been playing with text and word counts. Whether you are aware or not, you always need to stay on the point that you want to say. Content should be meaningful always, but it also should be within a limit count of the relevant platform where it publishes.

Besides that, I am sure no one wants to waste time with unnecessary word count with lengthy content.

Check our text length counter in EasysuperTools and count the words, characters and paragraphs in seconds. It is a smart word calculator which delivers results in an eye blink.

Online word counter tools

What is Word Counter?

Word Counter is one of the most useful online tools. It is an easy web tool that helps to count the words, characters, sentences and paragraphs online. Counting the bulk number of words and characters is possible with Word Counter within a single click. No need to stay for long in front of the computer and count it manually.

Just paste your content or type directly in the text area and click the Count button. That's it, you should have to do it. The rest of the task will be done by the word count calculator. 

The tool shows the result of Word, character, and paragraph counts at the top of the text box.

Twitter has limited tweets to 280 characters, Facebook allows you only 63,206 characters for status, and google only shows 50–60 characters in titles on search engines. All these are the character limit that should be taken care of if you want the best result. To avoid the mistakes and get the best result you should write meaningful content with a certain character. For this Word counter tools are most important for you.

Why to use online word counter?

Well, first off all, open your content and try to count the characters manually from any page. Sure there are thousands of words on every page. I bet, you will be tired and confused in minutes, and before reaching line 5, you will realize it is quite difficult. Manual counting the word has always the chance of being mistaken.  

So online Word Counter is the best character counter for counting the words in a single click without any mistakes. We have made it simple for you, EasySuperTools provides you Online Word Counter tool for free.

How to count the Words, Characters, and Paragraphs?

Counting the Words, Characters and Paragraphs is very simple with the text length counter in EasySmartTools. This is one of the most popular tools on our site. Users can count the Words, Characters and Paragraphs at the same time with a single click. Yes, we made it simple, just a single click and the result is in front of you. 

Now let's know how to count the Words, Characters and Paragraphs. It is very easy, if you don't know, see the instruction below.

  • Go to https://easysupertools.com/word-counter
  • Paste your content or start typing into the text area. 
  • Then, Click on the Count Button.
  • Now, see the result, 
  • You can see the number of Words, Characters, and Paragraphs.

Why Word Counter is important?

Word Counter tool is useful for various purposes. You cannot count the number of Words and Characters manually if the content is long enough because it is very difficult and time-consuming. So it is a shortcut tool If you have to count the thousands of words or Characters at the time. 

Knowing the word count of the content is important. whether you are a professional writer, an online entrepreneur, a student, or a social media user, it helps a lot in your work. Because minimum or maximum amount of words is applicable to the article, essay, report, story, book, SEO, and social media status.

For example: If you are a Social media user or SEO writer, you should write your content with a limited word count. With a limited word count, you should write your whole content meaningful. In this case, the word counter alerts you to make sure that the word count reaches a specific requirement or stays within a certain limit. 

Twitter has limited tweets to 280 characters, Facebook allows you only 63,206 characters for status, and google only shows 50–60 characters in titles on search engines. Word Counter tool is useful to track the word or character length against common web standards like Twitter, Facebook, Google or any other social media as well as for SEO optimization and much more.

How many words can we count at a time?

We don't believe in limiting the features of the tools. We made tools for our users, we know what they want, no boundaries, no limits. There is no limitation for counting words.

Our word counter tool works easily for thousands of words at the same time. You can paste thousands of words or type in the box and count it in seconds. The result is Just a second away from pressing the COUNT button. 

If you see there are a lot of word tools are available online, but they are just limited to a count of 1000-5000 words only. They have limited the features of the tool, which we never gonna do. It will be always free in EasySuperTool and give you a maximum limit of word count at a time.

Apart from this, we are still working, progressing and developing to add new features to this tool. So Get started to count your words by pasting your content or typing directly into the text area above.

Is EasySuperTools word counter works on mobile?

Yes, we have made our word counter tool mobile-friendly. You can use this tool on mobile or any smart device. The mobile interface is simple, user-friendly and easy to use.

Is Word Counter available on android and iOS?

No, not yet. We are still working on it. We are working on the android and iOS versions of the word counter tool. We are in the final stage of developing the tool app, soon it will be available for all users. Till then, we recommend our users use the mobile version of the counter tool.

Who is this tool useful for?

This tool is a best word count calculator and is useful for every profession and age group. Whether you are a social media user, a writer, an SEO, or a web developer, you may have to write on a limited word count.

Because minimum or maximum amount of words is applicable on the article, essay, report, story, book, SEO and social media status everywhere.

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